Psychologist in Copenhagen

Welcome. My name is Camilla Staunsbrink, and I am a Danish psychologist offering individual therapy sessions for people experiencing difficulty and crisis in their lives – and who feel the need for some help to make positive changes and find a meaningful path forward.

I have experience with a wide range of topics and often work with the following:

  • Feelings of low self-esteem, shame, feelings of not-being-good-enough, insecurities, self-criticism and self-blame, identity.
  • Loss and pain.
  • Jealousy, trouble finding love, problems in a current relationship.
  • Stress, trauma, depression, anxiety.
  • Distress in relations to living with physical health problems.
  • Sensitivity.

My wish is to contribute in best ways possible to change, recovery and greater quality of life. To help you find meaning, direction and healing.

The approach is holistically oriented, trauma-informed, and based in Existential Phenomenological Therapy and Cognitive Therapy. Also, I am inspired by research in sensitivity (including high sensitivity, HSP).

I have a MSc in Psychology from University of Copenhagen, authorization from The Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice, and I am a member of the Danish Psychological Association.

My office is located at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen (view the map below), and I also offer sessions by phone or secure end-to-end encrypted video via the online platform Wire.

Fees and Terms

I have consultations both during daytime and in the evening. The sessions are individual therapy sessions (1:1) with a duration of either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on your needs and wishes. My fees are:

  • Therapy:    1000 kr. (60 min.)
  • Therapy:    1500 kr. (90 min.)

Payment for each session is due at the time of the session and is made by either cash or MobilePay.

Cancellation of a scheduled session must be made at 8pm the night before that session. My policy is to charge full regular fees for missed sessions and cancellations made after 8pm the night before. If you need to cancel or change a session you may contact me via the contact information listed below.

The fees and terms apply to therapy sessions by phone and video as well. Payment for these can only be made by MobilePay though.